Pricing and Terms and Conditions


Pricing for Krav Maga


  • Joining Fee: $50.00
    A once off joining fee for new members.


AND then one of the following:


  • Weekly: $40.00
    Train in all general Krav Maga and Combatives and Conditioning classes; or

  • 10 Class Pass: $290.00
    Train in up to 10 general Krav Maga and Combatives and Conditioning classes. Valid for 3 months.


Terms and conditions for pricing and payments


  • Prices and conditions are subject to change without notice and may vary from time-to-time

  • No make-up classes for missed classes or courses will be conducted unless a valid reason is provided (medical certificate)

  • All paid fees are non-refundable unless a valid reason is provided (medical certificate)



  • Weekly payments are charged in arrears for the week

  • Credit Card payments may incur the following fees: 2% (Visa/Mastercard) 4.4% (Amex/Diners)

  • Payments are via direct debit from a nominated credit card


  • Members may suspend their account (direct debit/charges) for a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 3 months. Memberships cannot suspend more than 3 months per calendar year

  • 2 Weeks written notification (refer FORM, or email acceptable) in advance is required to suspend membership

  • Suspensions will not be granted retrospectively



  • 2 Weeks written notification (refer FORM, or email acceptable) in advance is required to cancel membership or at discretion of MSDS

  • Full payment will be charged unless 48 hours notice is given for cancellations of all scheduled private lessons, seminars, and short courses. 


10 Class Passes

  • 10 Class Passes expire after 3 months or until all classes used, whichever comes first

  • 10 Class Pass is not redeemable for cash or refundable

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