Women's Self-Defence

The paradox of self-defence is the more you're prepared, the less likely you'll to need it. When you can recognise and respond effectively to potentially dangerous situations, you're more confident in your everyday activities and less likely to become a target of crime.


Our Women's Self-Defence program focuses on defending attacks commonly used against women. Enrol in our Women's Self-Defence courses and learn the skills you need to ensure your safety.

Course Details

What is included?

Each participant receives:


  • An official KMG training t-shirt and protective equipment

  • Women's Self-Defence classes

  • General Krav Maga class membership for the duration of the course

  • Women's Self-Defence Booklet


Courses begin every two months and are 6 weeks long. Classes begin the first Saturday of the enrolling month at 11.30am for 90 min.

The courses are divided into two levels, for those beginning and then continuing self-defence training.ThTThe he e course is divided into two levels

Level 1

Defending Common Assaults

Level 1 is an introduction to self-defence for women and includes the following topics:


  • Prevention and Awareness

  • Mental Preparation and Aggression

  • Risk Assessment and Common Problems

  • Strikes and Movement

  • Defences against Grabs

  • Defences against Chokes

  • Defences against Knife Threats

  • Scenario and Stress Testing

Level 2

Defending Grabs and Abductions

Level 2 is a continuation to women's self-defence Level 1 and includes the following topics:


  • Defences against Grabs

  • Defences against Bear Hugs

  • Defences against Headlocks

  • Defences against Problems on the Ground

  • Scenario and Stress Testing


Note: Level 1 must be completed before attending to Level 2.


Cost and how to enroll

To secure your spot on a Women's Self-Defence course, pay here:

Note: All courses begin the first Saturday of the selected month and begin at 11.30am.


Listed prices inclusive of GST.

All 'Level 1 and 2 bundle' payments are non-refundable either in part or full.

For complete terms and conditions, refer to our Pricing page.

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