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Getting Started

Beginning your Self-Defence Training is as simple as Krav Maga!


Want to give Krav Maga a go?

Interested in learning self-defence, meeting new people and improving your fitness? Are you an experienced martial artist, looking to add to your self-defence arsenal? Then why not give Krav Maga a go? Our two week trial offer is perfect for getting to know Krav Maga, training and our great community.

All our general classes are scaled to ensure that all levels, experience, and fitness levels are catered for. Best of all you can train at any of our locations. So what are you waiting for?


Note: For children, please see your Krav Junior page here.


What happens in class and what to bring?

I've registered, but what now?
You will receive an email with all the details on what to do next, but to summarise.


Your First Class
We suggest you come in least 15 minutes early to ensure that we can give you a tour of the facility and finalise any administration can be organised.

A typical Krav Maga class is 90 minutes long, don't let that scare you as each classes are scaled to ensure that all members regardless of experience, skill, and fitness are catered for. 

What should I wear and bring?
Wear comfortable clothes for exercise, we suggest training shoes, a t-shirt and sweat pants/shorts.
Highly suggest a water bottle and towel.
Due to the nature of the training, singlets, midriff tops and any form of work boot are not permitted.

And most importantly HAVE FUN, see you on the mats!